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Lafinto excels in the customization of minibuses and vans, delivering tailor-made solutions specifically crafted for various service and utility vehicles.

Lafinto is a brand-independent provider of customized solutions for all types of commercial vehicles and vans. Lafinto supplies to all leading automotive brands within the business segment.

Selmer Capital has invested in the opening of a new venture together with Lafinto in Drammen. We see significant growth potential for Lafinto through the new facility, Bilfabrikken.

Lafinto Drammen will handle simpler retrofit projects and serve as a fast track to increase capacity and reduce lead time in the commercial vehicle category.

Selmer Capital and Lafinto AS established the new company, Lafinto Drammen, in the fall of 2023 through a joint venture. The operation was up and running at Bilfabrikken in December of the same year.

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    Tailor-made solutions for service and utility vehicles.


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